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1. Hire A Junk Removal Service

The easiest way to dispose of junk is to contact a junk removal service.  They offer the time, sweat and energy that you might not have.  Why bother lifting large items that might not be picked up by your weekly trash men?  If you decide to dispose of bulky items yourself you’ll need to find the closest landfill and you might have to rent a truck.  An expert will have the proper truck to transport your junk.  Don’t risk pulling a muscle or having a heavy item like a mattress fall out of your truck bed.  You can trust a trained professional to do the job right.  He’ll use his insured vehicle that is spacious enough to remove almost any sort of bulky items.  Set up an initial consultation with a junk removal specialist to obtain a free quote and more details.  It’ll allow you to consider how much money and effort you can save by hiring a professional instead of doing it yourself.  Keep in mind that even the most extensively trained junk removal specialist will not be able to remove explosives, liquid waste like Freon, hazardous waste, asbestos, chemicals or anything containing gas oil.

2. Dumpster Rental

If you don’t own a truck or large sport utility vehicle you should consider renting a dumpster.  Most communities have businesses that offer dumpster rentals.  Search the web or your yellow pages to find a provider.  Dumpster rentals are usually available in ten to forty yard sizes and typically delivered to the location that requires the junk removal.  However, hazardous wastes are usually not acceptable forms of debris. You can usually rent a dumpster for a week to two weeks depending on the provider.

3. Donate It

If your junk is in good condition you should consider donating it.  Charities like the Salvation Army, Goodwill and homeless shelters will often offer to pick up beds, sofas and other large items if they are in decent condition.  Or call your friends and family to see if anyone is interested in your items.  Remember, your trash could be another man’s treasure. Even if your friends and family aren’t interested in your junk, you can seize the opportunity to ask them for a helping hand in removing it.  Bring your old computers and printers to Best Buy and Staples where they can be recycled for free.

4. Check Your Community’s Large Item Removal Schedule

Many communities offer a monthly large item removal service.  Check with your local city or county government to see when the bulk trash pickup occurs.  If they don’t stop by once per month then they will swing by every two or three months.  It is just a matter of finding out when the service is offered, what types of items they are willing to transport and the maximum size that can be hauled.

5. Don’t Get Rid Of Everything

Some things have more value than you might think.  Don’t jump the gun and throw out all the items that you do not use!  Do your research before trashing anything.  Check Craigslist, Ebay and the local classified section of your newspaper to see if there is a second hand market available for the product.  Something that has lost its utility for you may be serve a function for somebody else.

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