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About the rental of the containers
Construction projects in Georgia often have many steps. If the project includes a demolition of any kind, such as during a remodeling or renovation, there will be a lot of waste involved. Even a job site that involves only one construction will have a lot of construction material waste. It is usually the responsibility of the construction team to remove the waste from the site. Renting a landfill is the most sensible and responsible way to remove this debris. Renting a dumpster provides a space where trash can be picked up and is an important addition to any job site in the United States.

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Loaded dumpster
Landfills provide a safe and organized means of disposing of materials on a construction site.

Most people don’t think about landfills until they need one. However, people use landfills every day. Construction site workers often use landfills because the material in the trash on a job site is more substantial than what can be disposed of in a regular landfill.

Standard trash receptacles were designed to be small enough to be transported. When people picked up more trash than they could fit in the receptacle at home, they would leave it in piles in the neighborhood until a vehicle could come and pick it up. To help solve this problem, the brothers created a large mobile garbage container that they called a dumpster.

Dumpsters come in many sizes and can be placed in many locations. The most common type of dumpster is a dumpster that falls over. It has unique wheels that allow it to be put in place and removed when it is full. The type of container will determine what you can put in it. Most dumpsters cannot contain hazardous materials of any kind.

When it comes to waste from construction projects, your most practical option is to rent a dumpster. For most companies, it does not make sense to buy a dumpster that fits one project only to have to buy a different type of dumpster for another project. Sometimes the dumpster you need for one project is too small or too big for another project at Actwork, Woostok, Marietta, Kennesaw & Roswell.

Choosing the right size
Dumpsters come in many sizes. The size you need depends on the amount of debris you are going to collect. The size of the containers is measured by the cubic meter. This number indicates how much material the container can hold. When you rent a dumpster, also consider the type of contents you will put in it. Although containers can hold most types of trash except hazardous waste, you usually cannot combine different types of materials.

The ideal size for renting a dumpster is one that is large enough to hold all the waste materials, but no larger than necessary. If the dumpster is not large enough, you may have to rent another dumpster or empty it more often, which would cost more money. If the dumpster is too big, you will pay more than necessary.

Small dumpster at Actwork, Woostok, Marietta, Kennesaw & Roswell
Small containers are best used for smaller projects.

If you are working on a project such as cleaning a garage, basement or attic, then you will want to rent a 10 yard container. These weigh between 1 and 3 tons and contain the equivalent of about three trucks of material. The next size up takes a little longer. The 15-yard container has the same weight capacity as the 10-yard container but holds about 4.5 trucks of materials.

Mid-sized dumpster at Actwork, Woostok, Marietta, Kennesaw & Roswell
Medium sized landfills are ideal for substantial renovation projects such as roofing and landscaping.

Large dumpster in Actwork, Woostok, Marietta, Kennesaw & Roswell
Large landfills provide immense amounts of disposal space for large-scale construction work.

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